IB satisfaction guarantee program

We offer the highest pay out and new account bonus to our IBs. It is huge revenue and you will get it instantly.

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IB Satisfaction Guarantee Program

5% deposit bonus to IBs
Up to $15 Mark Up
$1000 for 10 new qualified accounts
$100 every new accounts

"Get an extra 5% of every new account deposit Rebates sharing with your clients. Up to $15 per lot $1,000 sign up bonus with 10 qualified accounts 1 minutes instant pay out."


How It Works

Step 1.

Register as an IBs with Red Rock FX

Step 2.

Bring your clients and get all benefits we have

Step 3.

Bring your clients and get all benefits we have


Segregated Bank Accounts

In the accepted sense of the term "the segregated account" means storage of clients’ funds separately from funds of the company.