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Active investing or passive investing?? Wealth managers tend to strongly favor following active traders while passive investing is more popular among investors.

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How It Works

Step 1.Traders join RedrockFX, connect their account and share their trading strategy

Step 2.Investors select the Traders to copy. Based on trader's equity and risk

Step 3. Investing requires confidence and patience. IThe goal of social trading is to beat the market’s average returns

Why Red Rock FX?

You can trust that you are working with someone who has experience in the market and is as passionate about investing as you are.

TransparencyRedrockFX will monitor it for you. No hidden Fees
Ultra-Low FeeBest trading environments with 0.1 tight spreads
HeadingShorts and longs, stop loss & taking profits.
Tax EfficiencyYou may avoid tax
Variety of Markets+70 Markets, including forex, index, crypto, and commodity

Red Rock Earn Program

You can receive up to 63% compounded APY on your cryptocurrency, including stable coins.